Proofs will be supplied to the corresponding author to check for accuracy of the typesetting. Author(s) will be charged for alterations to the proofs beyond those needed by typesetting errors. In nearly 4 decades of publishing the journal, authors have been charged only twice for excessive changes.

One-Time Fee Per Accepted Article

There are NO submission fees; however, should your manuscript be accepted for publication, there will be a one-time fee of $875 per article beginning with the 2020 January/February issue. This fee includes orchestrating the vetting, editing and archiving of manuscripts. Fee also includes EOA (early online access) and typesetting of tables, figures, and/or appendices. The fee is non-negotiable. If you are not willing to address the fee, please do not submit a manuscript for it will not be published without it.

When we receive corrected proofs and payment, you will receive a clean PDF copy for immediate professional use. In addition, your article will appear online immediately for online access by journal subscribers. This will allow you to share your publication with colleagues and be quoted months in advance of the hard copy appearing in the journal. The fee for this service was also noted when you submitted your manuscript.

Open Access Fee Per Accepted Article

We are a peer-reviewed online journal that provides a hybrid online Open Access option. Many authors have been requesting Open Access, as they want their manuscripts accessible immediately (open access) so that they can be downloaded by anyone free of charge. Moreover, for authors eligible for PubMed Central (PMC) who also desire the 1-year embargo lifted immediately, this is included in the option. Open Access refers to scholarly journals that are available online, free of charge to the reader; without financial, legal, or technical barriers other than those inseparable from gaining access to the internet itself. Open Access increases author citation and usage as research has shown that Open Access articles are viewed and cited more often than articles only available to subscribers. As a hybrid online Open Access journal if the Open Access option is selected the fee is $700 per article which is in addition to the original one-time mandatory fee. Thus, the author will be charged a total of $1575 for a paper accepted under the Open Access option.

​Due to existing subscription contract agreements, we will only allow approximately 15% (14 – 15 articles per year) of manuscripts to be designated as Open Access.

For further information contact the journal offices.

Fees for Additional Tables and Figures 

  • Journal guidelines: 6 tables and/or figures (any combined number adding to 6 – no charge)
  • Between 7-9 combined total tables and figures – $275 fee
  • Between 10-12 combined total tables and figures – $425 fee
  • Total tables and figures beyond 12 not acceptable, must reduce to acceptable number

Fees for Additional Supplementary Materials/Appendices (includes tables and figures submitted as supplementary materials/appendices)

  • Journal guidelines allow 3 published pages of supplementary materials/appendices in total. Approximately 2 double-spaced typewritten pages equal a published journal page, so 6 double-spaced pages are allowable.
  • Between 4-6 published pages (which is approximately 8-12 double-space pages) – $275 fee
  • Between 7-9 published pages (which is approximately 14-18 double-space pages) $425 fee

Beyond 9 published pages not acceptable, must reduce to acceptable number.

Options to Excessive Tables, Figures, or Supplementary Materials/Appendices 

  • Accept the fee(s) for additional table(s), figure(s) or supplementary materials/appendices
  • Reduce the table(s), figure(s) and supplementary material(s)/appendice(s) to required amount (no charge)
  • Provide a link in the paper that leads readers to the table(s), figure(s) or supplementary material(s)/appendice(s) on your own web site (no charge)
  • Provide your email with the instructions that if they wish to secure copies of the additional tables(s), figure(s) or supplementary materials readers contact you (no charge).

Request to Use Table(s) or Figure(s) by Non-Authors

When using tables or figures for professional education there is no charge; however, the publisher MUST grant permission to use in publication. However, should the motive be profit (book, manual, anything associated with a re-sale fee) in addition to securing permission there is a $75 fee to use each table(s) or figure(s). Note: this is not for the tables or figures in your personal manuscript but when anyone requests to use tables or figure from our copyrighted manuscripts.

If policy is unclear, contact the journal office.

Special / Theme Issue Fees

The cost for a special/theme or regular or supplementary issue differs as the fee is per article ($2500) rather than per issue. If open access is requested there is an additional fee ($400). For additional information on special/theme issues, click here.

Copyediting Service Fee

For grammatical assistance addressed by The Write Surgeons there is a $175 fee.  For additional information please click here.

Finally, please understand that ALL the fees are NON-NEGOTIABLE.